A Hawaii Corporation

Dedicated to protecting the lives and property of our principals, families and employees

Honolulu, Hawaii

Email: chazdags1@hotmail.com

Phone: (808) 699-3464/(808)306-7368

Fax: (808) 356-1676

Licensed by the State of Hawaii
Lic. #GDA744 / GD657


When President Bill Clinton came to Honolulu, Hawaii, he counted on DAGS Director Charles "Chaz" Tang (pictured here) to protect him. Chaz personally escorted the Clinton Presidential entourage whenever they visited Paradise.

Today, DAGS escorts many visiting dignitaries and prominent business leaders.

Personal Security

DAGS offers protection 24 hours a day/ 7 days per week. Our Personal Protection Specialists ensure your safety at home, the workplace, meetings, conventions, while in school, during leisure activities; whenever and wherever you are at risk.

Stationary / Static Security

DAGS will perform specialty duties and other services to protect your home during family function absence; i.e. weddings, funerals, on vacation, or emergency situations. We will protect you and your staff at the work place or during vulnerable times and locations.

Stationary Security Officers (armed or unarmed as required) act as your defense system guarding against intrusions or criminal activities within these areas; jewel/art galleries, clothing/antique boutiques, resorts, etc. At your request, our agents may be attired with a Class A uniform or according to the assignment.

Covert Security

DAGS provides covert protection to avoid detection by family, friends, co-workers or potential assailants. We will review your destination prior to your arrival, meet with you at a designated spot, become your attaché; we will even travel abroad with you. (Note: We do not carry your luggage.)

Vehicular/Motorcycle Escort Security

DAGS staff members have undergone protective driving and police style motorcycle riding training. Our precision drivers/riders ensure safety; while entering and exiting your vehicle, as well as, traveling to and from your destination. Our primary concern is safe passage for you and your loved ones.

Gems, Jewelry, Fine Arts, Antiques Security

DAGS can provide Security Agents to be with you at any location   in the world where you travel sell or display your valuable gems, jewelry, vehicles, arts, merchandise, or other items.

Canine Training/Squad

Recognized and certified internationally by the United States Canine Association for Personal Protection and Police Dogs.

Armored Car, Bank Drop, ATM and Sensitive Courier Service

DAGS can provide individuals and private businesses with the necessary armed security services to protect large amounts of cash, important papers, sensitive medical documents, live organs and other private issues.